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Grown-up Chicken Salad for the Road

Traveling for soccer ⚽️ tomorrow, we have a 3 1/2 hour drive, so I’m planning to take lunch and some snacks. As I was foraging through the fridge for something to take, I found a leftover piece of herbed chicken🐔 ...perfect for some grown-up chicken salad!

I kept it healthy by using the Siggi’s yogurt that I love so much (fat free and high protein) in place of mayo. I like to add finely diced red grapes 🍇 for a little sweetness. For some savory flavor, I used champagne dilly mustard found at TJ Maxx and Tuscan Herb Salt that I made from herbs in my garden a couple years ago (I keep it in the fridge and the salt preserves the herbs, just a little goes a long way).

To make it gourmet and add even more flavor, I used a teaspoon or so of capers instead of pickles or relish! It came out delish! By tomorrow, all the flavors will meld together wonderfully!

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