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Welcome to

The Sage Kitchen

Food for Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Dear Friends,

Welcome to The Sage Kitchen, where we'll talk about food, fitness, family, faith, and much more!  I'm Dr. Jessica, osteopathic physician (DO) and general pediatrician with a passion for total health and wellness.      The process of seeking wellness involves getting to know yourself, accepting who you are, and embracing who you want to become.  We all experience hills and valleys along this road to transformation. It means being attuned not just to your physical health, but also to your mental and spiritual well-being.   This is the fundamental osteopathic approach to medicine, one that I strive to incorporate on a regular basis, both in my medical practice and at home.  At The Sage Kitchen, I share healthy cooking advice, wellness tips, nutrition and medical knowledge, all in a fun, encouraging way. 


Why The Sage Kitchen?   Sage is a popular herb used in cooking, but the word sage also means "wise" or "exhibiting calm judgement".  The scientific name  for the herb is salvia officinalis, derived from the Latin word for "healthy", "to feel well", or "to heal".   It can also mean "to taste".  So, here at The Sage Kitchen we strive to heal, to feel well, to be wise, to pass along sound judgement and advice, and of course, to taste good food!

The kitchen is not just where we cook our food, it's the heart of the home, where we feed our souls and where memories are made.  The kitchen is where we gather with friends and family to celebrate life's joyful moments... where we invite a dear friend for a cup of coffee.... where we do homework with our kids... where we hold family meetings... where we gather to eat, to talk, to laugh. 


So, friends, I invite you into my home to gather around my table, and to nourish your mind, body, and soul.

Nourish.  Nurture.  Grow.  At The Sage Kitchen.

Warmest wishes,

Dr. Jessica

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