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Introducing: The Sage Kitchen!

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

The Sage Kitchen is a health and wellness blog written by me, Jessica Osman, DO. I am an osteopathic physician and pediatrician, practicing for over ten years. Like many, I've had my own struggles with staying on a healthy track. I've seen patients, friends, and family with the same hills and valleys. So, I seek to encourage, inspire, and motivate others to achieve change in their daily lives. As over-scheduled lives and processed food abound, it has become more and more difficult for most of us to achieve our wellness goals. The good news is, with the right information and a supportive community, transformation CAN happen!

​The fundamental tenant of osteopathic medicine is that health includes not just your body, but also your mental and spiritual well-being, how you relate to others and your community. These three work together, affecting one another. For example, consider how tough it can be to achieve nutrition and exercise goals when you're feeling stressed, or depressed, or just plain too busy, and all you want to do is eat or take a nap! Can you relate?!

​Much of what I aim to discuss involves nutrition, healthy eating tips, and fitness; but, I will also reflect on things like stress relief, self-reflection, mindfulness, meditation, and faith. So friends, I invite you to join me on this journey to health and wellness. Let's have an adventure together and see what new things we can accomplish! Gather with me in The Sage Kitchen for a supportive community that encourages you to nourish, nurture, and grow.

Visit my Welcome and About Me section!

For more information on osteopathic medicine and to learn more about who I am and why I started a blog, please read my Welcome and About Me sections on the Home page.

Healthcare Disclaimer

Some of the information I post is anecdotal, based on my own experience and background knowledge as a physician, while other things are evidence-based and researched. This site or any social media platforms related to this site are not meant to replace the advice of your primary care physician. They are for informational purposes only. If you have questions on any topics discussed here, you should consult your doctor. Please seek your doctor's advice prior to starting any diet or exercise plan, or before utilizing any other methods discussed on this site. This website or any of its affiliate social media pages should not be construed as medical advice or as a doctor-patient relationship. We disclaim any responsibility for any particular matter that affects your health or your specific situation. Moreover, the content on this website could be dated and we are under no obligation to update the information included here.

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